How To Test Your Alarm

  1. Call the Control Room and let them know you are testing your alarm system.
  2. Press and test panic. Rearm and walk past every sensor device in the house. Finish with a panic again.
  3. We will phone you once we have received your alarm activation.
  4. If the Control Room does not contact you within 3 minutes, please contact the Control Room to verify activation.
  5. If no activation has been received at the Control Room, please contact your alarm installer and book an appointment to have your alarm system checked.

In case of an accidental alarm activation, please contact our Control Room immediately.

Control Room

021 780 1123 | 021 7801274 | 021 7810103 | 083 427 8571

Contact our Technical Department on 060 571 4841 or fill in the below form for assistance.